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Success Stories

There are many situations in which urine accidents can occur and often people experience problems during day-to-day activities Yoga and Pilates and leakage or physiotherapy and incontinence are normal occurrences that can be overcome. We love keeping in touch with our customers and hearing about their success with Urox® and their improved bladder health and bladder control. We are just so happy that they are simply able to enjoy life and not have to worry about their bladder anymore.

Your stories

Read about our success stories here, or if you would like to share your story, please email us at enquiries@windsorhealthcentre.co.uk.

Please note: out of respect for the privacy of our customers, while their stories and feedback is very real, we have not used their photographs or names with their testimonials.

John, always rushing to the toilet when drinking with friends

“Now when I am at the footy I get to see more of the game and less of the toilet because my bladder is so much stronger.”

Brandi, with bladder accidents when exercising

“I always had a high bladder frequency as a child, and remember every time we were going out being told to go to the toilet ‘just in case’.”

Peter, his 'small bladder' was ruining his life and sleep 

“I’ve gone from a 40lb weakling, with a Grandma bladder, to an Arnold Schwarzenegger bladder. Maybe I’m just normal now, but that’s what it feels like to me.”

Glenda, considered surgery but reliant on incontinence pads

“My bladder capacity was good, but the leakage and accidents would occur a few times a day without warning making me wear a pad every day. Every now and then I would even have a huge uncontrollable gush and it was starting to affect my confidence."

Catherine, the toilet was dominating her life, even her dreams

“My main problem is that I seem to always be in the toilet or thinking about the toilet."