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Bedtime Buddy
Bedtime Buddy
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Bedtime Buddy

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Bedtime Buddy aids with children’s bladder accidents and bedwetting. It contains Urox®, our patented, clinically researched herbal formula that improves bladder muscle tone and control. 

Bedtime Buddy helps to:

  • Strengthen bladder control
  • Reduce daytime urinary frequency
  • Promote a dry night’s sleep
  • Control bedwetting


  • Each vegetarian capsule contains herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
  • Crateva magna (Cratevox™) stem bark (3,000mg)
  • Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) herb (1,500mg)
  • Lindera strychnifolia root (1,500mg)

Recommended Dosage: For children weighing between 20-40kg 1 capsule per day. For children weighing above 40 kg, 2 capsules per day. 

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Many children over age 5 who have achieved daytime dryness with potty training continue to struggle with bed wetting for years. Night-time bladder control is considered the last stage of potty training and can take some children a little longer to master. It takes time for the bladder and nervous system to co-ordinate and for the child to gain healthy bladder control. For children six years and older bedwetting and poor bladder control can be upsetting and embarrassing. 

Bedtime Buddy helps support bladder control in children. Horsetail and Lindera are herbs traditionally recommended for bedwetting and to improve bladder tone and control. With the addition of Crateva, it effectively supports healthy bladder function in both day and night.