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How soon can I expect to see an improvement in your bladder health when starting on Urox or Prorox?

The experience we have after 20 years on the market is that some people see an improvement after just a couple of weeks and this improvement seems to continue for a couple of months while taking the product. In our clinical trial conducted in 2018 these results were confirmed as 80% of participants suffering from at least two bladder issues saw a relief. Since this relief is caused by a more flexible bladder and improved bladder tone it is not just masking the symptoms but giving you a structural improvement of the bladder including the pelvic floor that sustains the bladder.

The three plants used to formulate Urox and Prorox have antioxidant capacity and many users find the products useful as a complement to cranberry extract and mannose in cases of urinary infections.

During more than two decades on the market there have been no serious side effects reported and we do not have any reports of adverse reactions taking the products with any medication.

Urox offers a natural and effective solution for individuals seeking to improve bladder health and regain control over their urinary habits. With its carefully selected ingredients and proven benefits, Urox stands out as a trusted choice for those looking to alleviate urinary urgency, enhance bladder control, and support overall urinary tract health.

Incorporate Urox into your daily routine and experience the difference it can make in your bladder health journey.